National Institute of Science and Technology in Tuberculosis (INCT-TB) was created by the end of 2008 by INCT program of CNPq. The Institute comprises about 40 researchers from 22 research centers distributed on nine Brazilian states. The creation of INCT-TB is justified by the need to promote integration among different groups of research, in order to consolidate drug and vaccine development for TB in Brazil as well as to provide fast and reliable diagnostic tools for Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection.

Most of the research groups of INCT-TB were part of Millennium Institutes funded by CNPq-Brazil, which enabled the creation of REDE-TB, and have made progress on TB research that resulted in publications and patents.

Management committee:

Dr. Luiz Augusto Basso (PUCRS): coordenador
Dr. Afrânio Lineu Kritski (UFRJ): vice coordenador
Dr. Arthur Germano Fett Neto (UFRGS)
Dr. Luiz Gonzaga de França Lopes (UFC)
Helen Santos de Paula (PUCRS)

American Chemical Society highlights INCT-TB research

INCT-TB is one of the projects approved that will receive resources from CNPq

Toxicological assays of the drug candidate IQG-607 in non-rodent animals are completed

Quinoloxyacetamides, a drug candidate developed by INCT-TB, target the cytochrome bc1 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Researchers from INCT-TB receive the Santander Prize for Science and Innovation